How Does Advocacy Make You Feel?

How does advocacy make you feel?

I’ve been doing advocacy work for almost 7 years now, and as with most long-term projects or jobs, sometimes I love doing it and sometimes it makes me feel frustrated with the world. (I mean, there are plenty of times that I wish I didn’t have to advocate for something!)

So how does advocacy make you feel right now? How is that similar to or different from how you felt when you started?

Advocacy makes me feel empowered, supported, and motivated. Sometimes it does make me feel frustrated with the world too!!! It’s often a rollercoaster of emotions, but it certainly wasn’t as empowering for me in the beginning as it is now.

Now that I’ve processed some of the emotions and gotten out of the shock of my diagnosis 4 years ago, I feel very empowered as an advocate and sharing my story.

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Love that you feel more empowered now!

I have actually been thinking about this so much more lately. As someone who has been dealing with chronic illness for almost 14 years it is not unusual to have to advocate for myself on a daily basis, but since diving head first into patient driven communities I am realizing that I could be doing more. I know that despite my own problems I still have more of a voice than some, and I want to make sure that I am using it. Don’t get me wrong I hate that in 2020 we still have to advocate for basic medical help and the access to living a life with decency. I will say that since becoming more active in advocacy I have had my eyes opened to even more areas of inaccessibility than I knew existed before.

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I agree to all of this! I felt exactly the same when I started getting more involved. Thanks for sharing!

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